About Me

i love singing, dancing, music in general. i also love acting and all kinds of thearter. i also just cant possibly leave out my obsession with anime^^. you could just call me an arts kid. at school, i play the guitar(classical), sing, act, and chill with everyone. my school is the one place i will charish forever. my school is diferent from anyone elses. for one, my school does not have sports. im glad about that. also, my school has an arts program that kicks ass!! in the morning i have my academic classes.then i have all of my arts classes right after lunch. artz=luvv^^ my forte is singing, but my secondary talent would be acting. im really good at both. i do alot of outside school work in both fields so i get to be really tired. ill end with this: i looked in the mirror and what did i see, a poser was trying so hard to be me, but if i am the poser, the poser is me, then who is the poser trying to be? ~ simply i enjoy people who are real, not only to others but to themselves. i enjoy people alot and i i hope you will want to join my crusade, on the road to life~

23 July 2009

scariest day OF MY LIFE!!!!

so i invited bradley over my house, while nobody was in but me. he lives 40 minutes away so it was a long time in which something could have gone wrong. thank god nothing did. so i was freaking out for 40 minutes when finally he got there! he came in with messy hair, a funny shirt and some kakis!^^
i showed him around the house and then we kissed a little in the kitchen. then we went into the living room onto the couch and kissed forever. he gave me my first kiss and it was magical!^^ then i told him he had to leave ( cuz we were pushing it on time, my mom was due to get home in like 15 min.) and he went to his car. i stopped him before he left and gave him one of my special pieces of jewelry, my FMA cross. he drove away and 5 inutes later my mom came home!!!!!
if he got caught he would have been sent to jail, and i wouldnt have gotten half of the things i wanted for my birthday!!!
it was truely the scariest day of my life!^^


new guy

well its been a while, but im still here^^
so after the 7th (literally) try with janto get together, we decided to split up. it kinda made me sad, but it really wasnt getting anywhere. so i was single again and bored, and i happened to be on face book and decided to go find someone new. i have this r u interested app on there and i started using it again. thats how i met him^^
his name is bradley
he's 18
he's really not normal (and i like it xD)
so i started talking to him and more and more we started to have things in common. now what ur thinking, like everybody else does, but hes not a pedofile, stalker, or rapist!xD hes just a guy who fell in love. i think hes cute and he treats me well, ill get to more specific events in my next post.
so basically, i love him!^^ not much more to say~


30 June 2009

i outed to MY MOTHER!

yeah, thats right. i told her everything. the best and worse part of having a childrens psychologist as a mother is that they understand you. my mom was completely ok with it, and i kinda knew she would be. i dont know why i ever kept it from her. i mean, has anyone ever felt that keeping a secret to yourself gave you a feeling of self richeousness? i felt kindof dizzy after it all, but it was a more free feeling. my whole reason for telling her in the first place wasnt just to let her know. it was more about me, rising to another level in life. and i feel that accomplishment now. it warms my heart to know that i have someone standing by me through all my troubles. i can tell her anything...except i dont really want to tell her im dating yet. that is a different story, and ill save it for another discussion.
i want you all to know that another part of the reason i did it was because i heard all the stories from you guys and was inspired^^ thanks for the extra push!
with love always,


his birthday

he postponed it again!!
im not a full on religious guy, nor am i completely superstitious, but when plans dont work out 5 times in a row, my whole being tells me theres something wrong. i really didnt know what i was doing but i did something bad. i wass so frustrated and at the brink of insanity. i called him, he didnt pick up, and i told him that we should just be friends, until school starts atleast. i was going talk to him about it, so he didnt feel bed, but he didnt answer. now all day today i called him an theres no answer. he ether lost his phone or he is really ignoring me. i dont know what to do...


26 June 2009

real quick relationship stuff^^

i got him a shirt with an apple juice carton rawring on it^^^
hes gunna love it!!
were goin to sunsplash for his birthday.
k gotta goes, peace


24 June 2009

the relationship, continued.

currently, we havent seen eachother in person since we were in school.
the reasons:
well first of all, our mothers are the kind that shelter their children. except his mom is worse than mine. ive made 3 attempts so far to see him and theyve all failed cuz his mom wont let him do anything!!! she lets him know wheather or not the day of, leaving me in the dark until the very end, waiting only to have my hopes get shattered time and time again!!!
the first date i planned was to go with some fiends to an arts festival held downtown every first friday of every month. i ended up going and having a kinda fun time (i was with eric xD) but it would have been funner with him.
the next one was to the movies to see up. my plan was invite acouple people and tell them to not come, so it would end up just me and him. this wouldnt be unusual because when i plan things, my result always ends up with like one or two people coming ( i envited 7 eople to first fridays, one came...). everythignwas according to plan until he told me that morning that the only way it was going to happen was if it was at a thearter closer to him. guess what. it didnt happen.
the next one, i didnt even plan. we were both invited by a friend of mine and he wasnt able to go. thats good cuz i wasnt eather, but the end result is that i still didnt get to see him!
his birthday party is gunna be this sat, and i hope i can go, but u never know...
(his actual birthday was last sun!!^^)
anyways, ill tell u how it goes^^
till later, peace


ok^^the relationsthip!!

sorry for the longer than promised wait. this summer has been busier than i thought. and u guys have the right to be mad.

but on a lighter note,
my boyfriend!!!
well while i was away for like munths, i had to finish school. in fact i didnt even start dating till after school ended!!O.O
the story starts on a tuesday night, only like 3 days after school ended. i was txting him because i was bored and me and him would usually just fight and call eachother names (for fun of course)^^. so i was talking to him when all the sudden the conversation drifted to me talking about him being kindof attractive (i liked his hair!xD). so i already saw he dated a girl, so i asked him if hed want to broaden his horizons as a joke, and he said shure!
but thats not even the end of it...
we talked about stuff for a while and then i, under the impression that he understood the meaning of "broadening your horizons", asked him if he would have ever concidered dating me before? he said " u mean goin to hang out sumtimes? yeah sure." so i had to say " no i mean a relationship.. like dating" and he said he wasnt gay, even if he didnt know it yet. so i said "it never hurt to try" expecting the usuall responce of im strait. instead, he said " fine, your a nice person. i guess it never hurts to try."!!!^^
so after that we talked about personal things nd got to know eachother.
he told me that i shouldnt tell anyone about it, but i couldnt help it and it slipped...to every person from school i got in contact with, except the people i don like.
well ive never had a relationship before, but i guess ill just find out how it goes^^
i got a bi boy!!!^^